Ladies and some guys, bushy eyebrows is never a good look, and for me I fall into the fairly bushy category.

<( Please see before photo to my left.)

O.K. so thankfully, not quite as bad as Oscar The Grouch, but wow. Now that I don't need to wear glasses anymore it has become painfully obvious that I needed some serious help.

Yes, the only advantage of glasses was covering up my almost Uni-brow. The reason that I have put this off ,is that I have had a really bad experience with this in the past. My question is it really necessary to stand on my chest as you pull off the wax strip? Jeeeez!

But, happy to report, that I am completely unscathed thanks to Rosie who was very gentle and very professional in her waxing technique. Fingers crossed that I can keep up this look for 6 weeks, but If not, at least now I don't have the sense of dread that I used to have.

See After Photo below, which yes I took myself, so I apologize for the finger in the photo....ha ha