Mary the 'Dress Drive Fairy' is on the hunt to look for gently used prom dresses to be donated for her yearly Prom Dress Drive.

The dress sizes can arrange from 0-28+and will given away to high school girls in the Duluth Superior area this fall and in the spring of 2017. This will be the fourth year Mary is helping girls go to their formal dances in style with free dresses.

Now that Prom season has come to a close, please consider donating your dress to this great cause. As she states every year "as long as the dresses keep rolling in, I will keep offering free dresses to our high school girls. It's expensive to go to the dances, and not very fair for the ones that cannot afford to go. Everyone should be able to go to their dances, and this is how we all can help!"

To help out and to get a hold of her, go to her Facebook page: Dress Drive Fairy for more details. Also, Jeanne had the chance to interview her about this awesome cause and you even get to see me try on a dress. Check out the video below and please help spread the word!