In the first round The Hermantown Hawks are looking to soar over the Two Harbors Agates. Who has the better team name and move forward in the tournament?

Hermantown Hawks: Hermantown should probably switch their name to 'Hairmantown' after finally winning the State Championship. According to the Hermantown archives, the Hermantown Hawks were originally to be the Eagles, but Einar Nelson (Hermantown resident) suggested that Hawks sounded better with Hermantown and the rest is history.

Two Harbors Agates: Two Harbors once consisted of two separate communities, one called Agate Bay and the other called Burlington. All in all there has been three high schools built since 1902 and to keep with the city's history they are known as the Agates.

Share with all of your classmates and vote below on which school should move on to the next round and get that much closer to be crowned the best team name in the area. You can vote once per hour and voting closes on Wednesday at noon. Make sure you show your school pride

This has quickly became a small town game. With 55% of the vote, the Agates has defeated the birds of prey and knocked out Hermantown in the first round.