Oh poor Edina, a wealthy Minneapolis suburb, the haters are gonna hate, but I must say this video is pretty hilarious.

Every city or town has an area where people are considered cake eaters, I am not sure what area in Superior that would be, but I sure know what part of Duluth is considered cake eater territory.

If you frequent the Twin Cities you most likely have heard of Edina or even driven through it. When I lived in Minneapolis I was a frequent Edina visitor to see my dentist and to shop at Southdale Mall.

I myself have been accused of being a cake eater by a select few who are familiar with Milwaukee as I grew up in a Suburb that is now pretty exclusive. It is a tough burden to bare, but what is funny is that many people that live in the cake area parts of town but are the furthest things from it. All it takes is a few snobby people who think they are better than everyone else to give a part of town or suburb a bad rap.