Just because it is winter in the Northland does not mean you have to keep that grill covered up until Spring. Take off that cover and let's go!

Yes you may have to shovel a path to get to said grill, and you may have to pry the frozen cover off but it is well worth it. I would say I grill an average of 1x per week since it has gotten cold, and the worse time yet was the freezing rain, but I powered through it.

For sure the main set back is I go through a ton of propane because I have to have all 4 burners going to get the grill hot enough, but nothing like some BBQ chicken or steaks on the grill in January. One thing you for sure need handy is a meat thermometer, because If you are like me I am sitting in the house timing everything out, so the thermometer is my best friend.

Here is a list of a few other helpful hints:

1.) Dress the part: You know you may be outside for a while at times, so be prepared, but be careful of any scarves or loose clothing, it may catch fire!
2.) Position the grill: The wind can really whip in the winter, so keep those flames at bay away from your house or garage. And of course make sure you are outside in a well ventilated area.
3.) Do a safety check: Check the burners and tubes to make sure they are not clogged and that the gas flame is blue not orange....that could mean you have a clog somewhere.

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