The internet is a wonderful tool.  About 15 years ago, when I really "discovered" the internet, I was excited about the idea of writing a letter to someone and sending it electronically. My primary reasons for using the internet were email and homework research.  Today, you can make a video doing just about ANYTHING, put it on the internet, and hope it goes viral.  Then, not only will you be famous by making a complete idiot of yourself, but you are placed in an elite category of celebrity, the "Internet Sensation."

Here are just a few of my favorite examples:

#5 BANGS-Take U To Da Movies.  Not only has BANGS had 5+ Million hits on this video, but offers from SEVERAL major labels.

#4 Fred.  His viral videos were so popular, he became a star of Nickelodeon, even getting his own MOVIE!

#3 The Numa Numa kid.  This kid has had more Youtube hits than beaches have grains of sand.  Dork?  Maybe.  Jealous?  You should be.  He's famous!

#2 Chocolate Rain.  Never will a song haunt you like this one.  Once it's stuck, just TRY and get it out of your head.  I dare you.

#1 Charlie Bit Me.  Who knew that a cute little home video of Charlie and Harry would get THIS BIG?  Over 300 MILLION hits on their Youtube channel.  If this is all you need to become an internet sensation, I have a goldmine at home!

I'm going to make a video.  And I vow to make it go viral.  How hard can it be?