So we all have things we want to change or feel should be improved upon personally.  I've decided to become healthier, but sometimes things tempt me.One of the things that is so tempting too is our break room at the radio station.  There is a candy vending machine there.  However, that doesn't really bother me because I have never really been a big vending machine guy.

There is another thing though that is kind of tempting.  All of my co-workers are great and tend to like to pick things up and share with the building.  Today's temptation was that pan of brownies just sitting there, beckoning me, wishing for me to eat them.  I love a good brownie.

I can proudly say that I did not have any, not even a tiny little crumb.

I started rationalizing with myself that one brownie couldn't hurt. But then I remembered that I'm not on a diet.  I am changing the way I live entirely to become healthier. A diet says you're only temporarily becoming healthy and temporarily watching what you eat.  In that way I'd only be temporarily healthy. I decided I'm making a more permanent choice.

I remembered my goals and decided to act.

So I flipped off the brownies, grabbed my chicken salad and left the room.


Boom! In Your Face Brownies!