We've all seen the news about the Ashley Madison leak and the names of celebrities who had accounts, but did you ever think that maybe you knew someone who had an account?

If you really wanted to, you can go through the pages of leaked emails, or you can take a look at this interactive map from Technilogica and see how many people had accounts to this affair website.

According to the map, out of the 86,128 people in Duluth,there were 13,681 users with 85% being male users. Still, that's a whopping 15% of the population who apparently had accounts. There were 1,696 users in Superior out of a population of 26,869. Not as much as Duluth, but still 5% of the population and again male users being the majority with 89%.

Clouquet had 666 users (interesting number), Two Harbors had 149 users, Proctor with 140, and even 13 people in Twig had accounts. Again mostly male users. Feel free to play with the map above and see what other cities had a lot of accounts.