When the snow arrived midday today, it came in full force. Heavy snowfall and strong wind made things messy, leading to area police departments issuing statements urging people to stay off the roads. Things were so bad, departments were actually pulling some squads off the roads.

While the worst is definitely over, we can still expect at least 1-3 more inches of snow overnight and into Monday. The heavy snow and threat of continued snowfall has forced some schools to open late or close (see list) and has made driving difficult (see conditions).

How much snow have we seen? Reports show a varied answer to that question. Each total is timestamped (information courtesy trainend spotters for the National Weather Service via Weather Underground).

Snow Totals

9.00 5 W Two Harbors MN lake 0815 PM

9.00 7 se Grand Rapids MN Itasca 0557 PM

8.00 4 NE Two Harbors MN lake 0730 PM

7.70 West Duluth MN St. Louis 0748 PM

7.50 Chisholm MN St. Louis 0627 PM

7.50 Coleraine MN Itasca 0603 PM

7.00 10 N Esko MN St. Louis 0649 PM

6.20 7 NW Two Harbors MN lake 0857 PM

6.20 8 NW Duluth MN St. Louis 0657 PM

6.00 6 N Virginia MN St. Louis 0853 PM

6.00 McKinley MN St. Louis 0837 PM

6.00 15 N Virginia MN St. Louis 0803 PM

5.50 4 SW Cotton MN St. Louis 0757 PM

4.60 Ashland WI Ashland 0920 PM