Skimming around all of our millions of channels on T.V. yesterday, until we come upon the holy grail of movies....E.T. I thought to myself am I up for a good cry today? I can't even remember the last time I had watched it, and I know for a fact I have the VHS tape of it somewhere. So, I buckled down and prepared myself for the adventure. It seems so hard to wrap my head around how little Drew Barrymore is in the movie, and that E.T. is not real.....have to remind myself of that during the sad parts. But, the beauty of all of it is the innocence of being a child, and how things like that are possible, at least in the imagination. I did tear up a few times, but did not full blown cry. Either I have become jaded, 0r I have truly lost all the wonder of that child inside of me. I hope it is neither, I just was really tough :)