As we've reported previously, "Iceman" Roger Hanson is at work, constructing his second ice project for the City of Superior on Barker's Island. For the second time in as many years, the structure has collapsed during the construction process; which consists of spraying water on a series of guides to create a frozen structure. This year, that structure is supposed to be a European-style castle.

Weather has been a major challenge for Hanson both last year and this year, with warm and windy conditions leading to challenges in the process. Even with those challenges, the project rolls on.

We've received some questions about how much Hanson is making for the project, and where the money is coming from. According to the Superior Telegram, Hanson signed a three-year contract with the City of Superior to construct an ice structure each winter of those three years.

  • The first year of the contract (last winter), he earned $30,000 for his efforts. $15,000 of that money came from Superior's Tourism Development Fund, and the other $15,000 came from lodging taxes and fees in Superior.
  • The second year of the contract (this year), he is earning $45,000 for the project. Of the $45,000, $20,000 is coming from the Tourist Development Fund and $25,000 from city. The city's contribution once again this year is coming from lodging taxes.
  • The third year of the deal (the winter of 2016-2017), Hanson is slated to make $60,000 according to the agreement he signed with the city.

Additional event sponsors are contributing supporting funds for activities tied to the ice project. Mentioned this year by the Telegram's report are National Bank of Commerce with a $10,000 sponsorship and Kwik Trip and Superior Water, Light and Power, who have also contributed $5,000 each.

Hanson set a goal for this year's project to construct a castle-like structure that stands 75 feet tall and 90 feet wide, which would be a world record for a free-standing ice structure.