It is a right of passage for any kid, your first brain freeze! Well, unfortunately it won't be your last, unless you follow some of these helpful hints from NBC News

Whether you are eating your favorite ice cream or maybe drinking a slushy it can happen quick and stop you dead in your tracks....the notorious "brain freeze."

Try one of these helpful hints to combat this annoying medical nuisance:


1.) TONGUE IT- According to researchers if you warm up the bottom of your tongue on the roof of your mouth first this will help. Of course the only way to do this is to be able to curl your tongue. If you can't do this, skip to step #2.

2.) SLURP SLOWLY- Easier said than done at times, especially if it is a grape slush, my personal favorite. That is the main culprit of a brain freeze for me. Or just don't use a straw at all.

3.) Warm Your Hands- Cup your hands in front of your mouth and exhale to get the warm air into your mouth. Those of us here in the Northland should have this down pat considering we are doing this quite a bit to warm up our hands.

I hope these tips help, pass them on to your kids, so future generations can learn how to avoid or attempt to avoid this enjoyment stealer, known as the evil Brain Freeze. :)