I am slowly coming out of my Winter and long awaited Spring slumber and I am trying to start working on enhancing our yard, so we picked up some really decorative solar lights .

I am not gonna lie, I was really pumped about these and they were a lot more expensive then we usually have spent on some cheaper lights These puppies were around $12.99 a piece and we got 6 of them. So, Saturday I decided to go put the new lights out in front of the house and they looked amazing, we have 3 different colors so I arranged them all mixed together.

I watched as the sun crept around the front of the house and was giddy to see what they would look like when it got dark. I left the house around 9pm and much to my dismay only 2 of the 6 were lit up. I felt super defeated. We had bought out all the ones they had, and we wanted them as a set. So the next morning I started looking everywhere for the receipt to return these non functioning lights, I even had to do the dig through the garbage bag and no luck.

Thankfully later that day I got a call from my incredibly intelligent significant other who asked me If I turned on the switch. The switch?....Of course they have an on/off switch. Somehow the other 2 had the switch engaged so I ran outside and sure enough their was a tiny toggle under the solar panel.

Wow did I feel dumb, which is nothing new but whatever thankfully I was saved by the phone call instead of returning them to the store saying they were defective!  So there you go, make sure what ever solo lights you get always look for the on/off switch.  :)