World-renowned actor Sir Ian McKellen is known by most Americans for his roles as Ganfalf in The Lord of the Rings franchise and Magneto in most of the X-Men movies. His accent and classical British style aren't generally things one would associate with Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "Baby Got Back", but one young man decided to mix the two in a hilarious blend.

A Youtuber going by the handle hunterdavis has done a few videos showing off his talents impersonating Sir Ian McKellen, hitting one out of the park by using his McKellen voice to recite a good portion of Sir Mix-A-Lot's one and only major single.

If you're having a hard time remembering what McKellen sounds like in real life, here's a little sample from a recent interview about the upcoming movie "The Hobbit". To see the impersonation, keep scrolling.

Now, here is the impersonator hunterdavis offering his best impression of McKellen covering "Baby Got Back"'

Watch Ian McKellen Impersonator Rap "Baby Got Back"