Today we go back to 1990 to look at Johnny Depp starring in a musical romantic comedy, Pat Sajack's late night show and a popular rock song from Warrant.

'Cry-Baby' came out this week starring Johnny Depp. It was the second movie from John Waters to be adapted to broadway (first being 'Hairspray'). 'Cry-Baby' is a romantic comedy musical set in the 1950's about a bad-boy with a heart of gold named Cry-Baby Walker who wins the heart of a good girl and her boyfriend tries to get revenge. The film did poorly at the box office, but did a lot better on DVD sales and broadway.

Before David Letterman there was 'The Pat Sajack Show' on CBS. Today in 1990 was the last episode of Sajack's late night show. The show only lasted two seasons as it tried to bring late night success back to the network. The show was canceled due to it's low ratings and the last episode was actually hosted by comedian Paul Rodriguez.

Rock anthem 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant came out this year. The song peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and apparently the song was written on a pizza box which is now on display at The Hard Cafe in Destin, Florida.