Today we're jumping back to 1992 when we met our favorite St. Bernard, watch an infamous business woman go to prison, listen to British one hit wonder.

The first of many in the lovable St. Bernard 'Beethoven' series came out today. The film was written by John Hughes and nothing brings a family together more than a slobbering, hungry, lovable adventure loving dog. The family comedy was a huge success grossing over $147 million and is still a family hit today.

Queen of the Palace Hotel business woman Leona Helmsley was ordered to prison today on tax day for not paying taxes. She was known for saying "only the little people pay taxes" an infamous saying that the press and public never forgave her for.

British pop group KWS released their dance pop cover of KC and the Sunshine band's 1979 hit 'Please Don't Go'. It was the group's only hit and helped them win best newcomer award in the '93 Brit Awards.