Heading back to April Fools Day in 1993 we take a look at a popular baseball movie that many people grew up watching, another movie that was filmed in Duluth, and hip hop group Tag Team's only hit.

In 1993 a cult classic was born with 'The Sandlot'. It was about a team of youngsters that took in the new kid in town and got themselves into many adventurers including vicious dogs, rival teams and life guards. The film didn't fair too well in theaters opening up with $4 million and only grossing $30 million. But the film went on to VHS and DVD success and was also the reason I wanted to play baseball when I was a kid.

In Duluth headlines, Continuing with movie news the film 'Iron Will' wrapped up filming in Duluth. Most of the film was filmed on the shorelines of Lake Superior and the starting point of the race was filmed near old Central High School.

After spending just one week at the number one spot, hip hop group Tag Team had their only hit with 'Whoomp! (There it is!)'. Although it was only one hit, the song was certified platinum.