This week in 1991 we remember Sylvester Stallone's comedy movie, the twelfth mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and a popular U2 song.

This week in 1991 'Oscar' was released starring Sylvester Stallone in a rare comedy role and Marissa Tomei. The film was based off a 1967 French film of the same name. The movie took place in New York during the Great Depression era and centers on a mob boss trying to go straight. The film received many negative reviews and was nominated for three Razzies including Worst Actor.

The twelfth mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery was launched today in 1991. The primary purpose of STS-39 was to conduct a variety of payload experiments for the Department of Defense.

In music news, U2 released their second single 'Mysterious Ways'. The song was originally an improvisation called 'Sick Puppy', but the band only liked the bass part of it, worked on it for awhile and finally came up with the finished project tilted 'Mysterious Ways'. Rolling Stone even called the song a standout from the rest of the album.