This week in 1992 Mel Gibson and Danny Glover came back for the third installment of the 'Lethal Weapon' series was released and Tom Cochrane released 'Life is a Highway'.

The third installment to the 'Lethal Weapon' series opened today and took number one at the box office. Mel Gisbson and Danny Glover reprises their roles in 'Lethal Weapon 3' as they pursue a former L.A.P.D. lieutenant turned arms dealer, all of which takes place days before Glover's character Roger Murtaugh is set to retire. The film blew everyone out of the water by grossing over $325 million making it the biggest summer movie of '92.

Tom Cochrane released his hit song "Life is a Highway". The song was actually released in 1991 but didn't hit the charts until '92 and it was his only hit in the U.S. He got his inspiration for the song when he took his family on a trip to West Africa. The song peaked at number six and was certified gold.