After collapsing in early February, creator Roger Hanson resurrected the ice project on Barkers Island in Superior for visitors to enjoy for several weeks. With spring making an early arrival and temperatures in the 50s for much of the week, it was time for the structure to come down in a controlled, safe fashion. 

Earlier this week, the Superior Fire Department tried spraying the structure with fire hoses to knock it over, but that it had very limited results (see below). Hanson tried cutting the structure with hot wires as well, which didn't work either. With Hanson contractually obligated to stay with the structure until it was brought down, his next option was cables and an SUV to try to pull it over.

During the process of yanking on it with an SUV, the cable broke away from the sculpture. As Hanson and his assistant assessed the situation, the structure eventually collapsed. The delayed collapse happened in two stages. You can see the first stage in the first video, and the second stage in the second video.


Superior Fire Department's attempt to blast the sculpture down: