Last winter Barkers Island took on a seasonal resident and a project meant to be the centerpiece of winter activities in Superior. As the cold temperatures of this winter have (finally) arrived, so has 'Iceman' Roger Hanson, looking to begin a new ice project.

As we shared earlier this year, Roger Hanson will be constructing an ice structure on Barkers Island in Superior for a second year in a row. Last year, inconsistent winter weather led to struggles that included a collapse of the structure in February. This year, he will attempt once again to break a world record with his work.

Hanson has set a goal to make this year's ice structure 75 feet tall and 90 feet wide, assuming Mother Nature provides the right weather for the feat. Necessary to complete the project are a combination of cold temperatures and low wind levels. Both wind and warmth led to challenges last year.

Hanson says he plans to make this year's structure resemble a European-style castle with a door in the center. If all goes as planned, the structure is anticipated to be ready in time for the Superior Ice Festival at the end of February of 2016. Hanson shared photos on his Facebook page of his progress to this point.