Washington State just passed a law allowing people the option to keep the deer they hit with their car. With the overpopulation of deer in Minnesota, should we have that law too?

Starting July 2016, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will allow people to salvage deer (or elk) killed in motor vehicle accidents under certain circumstances.

Some of the provisions of the new rule include:

  • A salvage permit must be obtained from the department within 24 hours of taking possession of the animal.
  • The entire carcass, including entrails, of the animal must be removed from the road right of way..
  • An individual may not kill an injured or wounded animal that they encounter for the purpose of salvage.

I remember growing up and everytime we passed a deer laying on the side of the road I would always ask my parents why whoever hit the deer didn't just take it home for the meat (because venison is delicious). I think this would be a great idea in Minnesota. You can see all the provisions here and let me know in the comments if you think Minnesota should have this law as well.