Cat lovers rejoice! For all those of you who have sat for hours in front of your computer giggling at your favorite cat/kitten videos, you now can revel in your love of cats acting silly with hundreds of other fans. It is the Internet Cat Video Film Festival on August 30th, Walker Art Center In Minneapolis.

According to the Walker Art Center this event is free, open to the public and is a great family and feline friendly event. Cat's watching cats on screen? Hmmm interesting. Not being much of  a cat person I have to chuckle a bit at this whole story. But, I do admit that I to have fallen prey to the occasional sleepy kitten video, followed by a round of ahhhh cute.

You can still vote for your favorite video through July 30th, just click on link below. Meeeoowww

For more info. and to vote on your favorite click here

The video below is my favorite: