Britney Spears' new single "Hold It Against Me" raced to the top of iTunes charts in 16 countries: the U.S., Sweden, Australia, Greece, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

Britney's manager Tweeted: "This is absolutely incredible! Brit's fans never cease to amaze me."

The day the song was up on iTunes, it went straight to No. 1 on the site. The track also broke radio records for the most spins in the first day of release.

Kanye West jokingly dissed Britney Spears over having the top iTunes single, but he still had to clarify his remarks and promise there was nothing behind the joke.

Kanye Tweeted: "On a serious note I'm truly happy for Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears. No hate in 2011! I thought LOL signified a joke. I didn't get the 2011 LOL doesn't signify a joke anymore memo. LOL or something else I guess"

His Tweet on Friday had said: "Yo Britney, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you be No. 1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL"