According to InTouch Weekly she is!  While there hasn't been any confirmation (we know that celebrities tend to keep pregnancy news to themselves until they're READY to announce a baby on the way) there have been a few key points that could lead to the recent speculation.

1.  She's been wearing loose, flowy tops as of late.  (Well, so do I, and I'm NOT pregnant.  Maybe she has a "visitor" and is retaining water?)

2.  She's reportedly had some crazy cravings.  Nacho chips dipped in chocolate to satisfy the salty and sweet cravings.  (Um, yeah.  I crave salty and sweet daily.  And I eat trail mix.  Or a Snickers.  And I'm NOT pregnant.)

3.  She recently sent a glass of champagne back at a birthday celebration for her baby daddy--err--husband to be.  (Ok, I'd never do that.)

4.  There was supposed confirmation of a pregnancy by a "source close to the couple" that they are expecting.  (Never trust those "sources."  They're usually just looking for an easy buck.)

With those astounding facts, we have to wonder "IS JESSICA SIMPSON REALLY PREGNANT???? OMGLOLWTFSMH!!!"

She may be pregnant.  Or not.  But really, that goes for half of the world's population too.  So take the Johnson/Simpson baby news with a grain of salt.  Dipped in chocolate.