Yes it took me 13 years to finally check out the beauty and awe of Jay Cooke State Park, But I am happy to report that we ventured out yesterday on a beautiful Fall Day.

Having lived in Duluth for as long as I have (see above date) I can't believe that I have not taken the time to go. Yes I was a tourist for a day, and it was a blast.  No I did not bring a camera, dumb I know, but think about all the people that flock here from all over the world, and we have this in our backyard, Lucky Indeed!

My favorite sight for sure was the swinging bridge. I am not a fan of heights, but for some reason was not bothered by this at all. The water level was fairly low, so I enjoyed watching the more adventurous folks crawling over all the rocks below. Now that the leaves are starting to change, pack up the family and head out to Jay Cooke. Like the saying goes, EXPLORE MINNESOTA! :)