Oh the joy of grilling in the Northland, and after this winter it seems sweeter than ever. Let's all get outside and cook some delicious food!

Having grown up in Milwaukee one of my favorite things of summer was food cooked on the grill usually brats and sitting outside to eat. Of course my dad went old school with the charcoal grill, I actually know a handful of people who refuse to use a gas grill. I am good either way, gas to me is just way more convenient and I am not enough of a foodie to taste the difference.

The biggest selling point of our house for me was our deck which is a good size considering we have a tiny house and I envisioned lounging, dining and grilling on it/ Hello Spring and Summer it is going to be an awesome couple of months and happy that I don't have to light this grill with a lighter risking my eyebrows with every start :)