I know that Labor Day is right around the corner and one of our kids started school today, but I refuse to let go of this very short and rather cool summer we are having!

I think that most Twin Ports residents would agree that winter can wait, we had enough winter last year to last for a couple of seasons. But for a few of my co-workers with flooded basements for the last big rain storm we had, maybe they would prefer snow at this point.

The picture above was one of many Ice Cream Trucks that has made a steady parade through our neighborhood in the last 3 months. I did catch one of them once or twice even though our fridge is usually packed with popsicles and Ice cream. But, it's not the same as chasing down this bad boy and getting one from them.

So embrace the bugs, and the hot one minute cold the next, pretty soon it is going to get really cold, and stay that way for a while!