Our son Cody is wrapping up his Drivers Education class and we had to attend a Parents Safety class at his school. And it was a trip.

I loved High School, but of course that was a million years ago, and boy have times changed.  But, in some ways it all feels the same. As I walked down the halls I had flashbacks of running to class before the bell, trying to stuff things in my locker and remember my combination.

As we waited outside the classroom with the other parents, everyone had the same look on their faces which was, I can't believe my kid will be driving soon, a look of confusion and dread.

As the door opened we saw our son and I proceeded to the back of the class and sat at a desk. Thankfully in High School the desks are normal size, unlike when I have been at conferences in the middle schools and I felt like Uncle Buck sitting on a tiny chair.

We saw a movie which showed the dangers of teen driving and had a lecture as well to learn about all the new rules and regulations, I must say our son seemed more well behaved then us, as I kept looking around the classroom, completely distracted. At times I wish I could go back and be a carefree kid again, but after tonight I realized I don't have the attention span to sit in a classroom anymore. :)