What a long strange journey it has been. After years of being off the Twitter bandwagon, I am back.

I was one of the first to jump on Twitter at it's inception, I found it mildly amusing following some of my favorite celebrities, but it was not as popular back them and I got bored with it. In the meantime I totally misplaced my password, something I am notorious for, so I just never bothered with it again.

But after some prodding form Cooper I realized I probably should have one, so we opened up the suggestion box for Mix 108 listeners to help me pick a Twitter handle. I had a ton of really funny and clever submissions, but in the end my favorite was "penny chucker".

The meaning behind it is really childish but I hate pennies, I always put them in the coin trays somewhere or just leave them on the counter, I hate them, they have no value to me at all. I joke that If I ever get any I throw them, which I don't really because that would be littering, but I do want to chuck them as hard as I can. :)

Please feel free to follow now on Twitter!