Jeanne discovered that a national fast food chain is rolling out a pop tart ice cream sandwich as a dessert item. Excited about the tasty possibilities, she decided to pick up supplies to try to make our own and try them out during the morning show.

Jeanne opted for frosted strawberry pop tarts and traditional vanilla ice cream for our experiment. Obviously, the combinations are endless. The new peanut butter pop tarts with chocolate ice cream, for example, could be tasty as well.

Reactions: Jeanne and I both thought the combination of flavors tasted good, but it was VERY messy. While I don't necessarily need my pop tarts toasted, Jeanne is a firm believer that all pop tarts must be toasted. Being impatient, we slapped on the ice cream before the pop tarts had completely cooled, which led to some extra mess. PRO TIP: Allow toasted tarts to cool, or enjoy them "raw" to cut down on the mess.

Photos of How to Make the Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich