It has become a sad day when I found myself in an absolute panic yesterday because my phone had decided that it absolutely will not charge ever again. Dum Dum Dum....

Yes Folks, those little wires inside the USB Port of your phone are the life blood of making your battery take a charge, so next time you plug your phone in, be very gentle. Not that I was someone who would force the charger or anything, but somehow these little wires took a beating and got bent.

It was a running joke in our house that nobody was allowed to use the one charger that actually worked on my phone, but as of Wednesday night, it no longer was cooperating. So, yesterday was a sad day with half a battery life and ticking plus I had to meet someone after work and needed my phone to get in contact with him.

So, off I went to the cell phone store hoping that I could get a new phone despite my contract not being up. Thankfully this particular carrier has a new policy where you are not under a contract with them, but more so with your smart phone where you pay a small amount each month to cover the cost. Wallah, new phone that charges perfectly! It is a new day, and now my life being addicted to my cell phone has been returned back to normal.