Welcome to another installment of "Jeanne Tries", where I make an attempt to try and do something that I have never done before, this mission is to make a bed at a hotel.

We stopped by the beautiful, historical Fitgers Inn at the Fitgers Brewery Complex. These breathtaking rooms are housed inside the bluestone walls of the complex with restaurants and shopping all accessible from inside the building. It is truly a superb getaway for a night or a weekend even If you live in the Twin Ports.

Carol who is the Head of Housekeeping at The Fitgers Inn, was brave enough to let me tackle one of the rooms and my opponent was a King size bed. I should have realized that the bar would be set pretty high given the hotel that I chose, and all the little touches that go into making sure you have the most comfortable stay possible are not overlooked.

Housekeeping is a grueling job and often not given the appreciation it deserves, these men and women work behind the scenes to make sure your room is clean and comfortable, so don't forget that when you leave for the day or checkout to make sure you give them a tip, just like you would do for any type of service.

So, I watched Carol go first so show me all the steps and believe me their are a lot of them. All in all I think I did fairly well, but the hospital corners with the sheets was an epic fail. I had a great time as I always do anytime I am at Fitgers and Carol was awesome. Thanks to Kurt the Hotel Manager, my dear friend Tammi Tanski Sherman for helping arrange everything, and to all who work at The Fitgers Inn! So, how did I do? Check out the video below and see.