With a house full of teenagers, we tend to frequent fast food places every once in a while. I know, not the best option, but by doing so I have made an interesting observation regarding older people and fast food.

At most fast food places, you have to stand in line and order, and then wait for your food to come up. In doing so I tend to observe my surroundings while I am patiently waiting, and here is where I came up with my observation.

Now I understand that this may come off as a gross generalization, and that is not my intent, but most elderly people seem really lost when they step up to the counter and order. Without fail they have questions about everything on the menu, insist on a senior discount and usually order coffee with a burger. Gross!

Now here is why I think this happens: It is a generational thing. When older people were growing up, fast food restaurants did not even exist.  If they did go out to eat it was a sit down type place or the local malt shop where you would order off a menu or drive-in. With all the options plastered on the wall and the fast pace, it is an adjustment to them. Plus, they did not grow up with 50 options of pop. If they ever did have it, it was a treat and was not commonplace. For the younger generation growing up in an era of everything pre-packaged, fast and convenient, this is hard to wrap our heads around.

So the next time you are standing behind an elderly person who has a ton of questions, or taking an extra long time to decide, just realize it is not something they grew up with, and be patient.