Like my new shades? Yeah, kidding, but they are pretty sweet. Yikes , like I don't have enough junk around my house, now I am addicted to sunglasses!

The revelation started back in November when I got Lasik Eye Surgery, and now for the first time in my adult life I am actually able to buy and wear them!

Plus, now with the warm temperatures and more sun, I am hard pressed to leave the house with out them. My addiction is not out of hand just yet, I have 3 pair, but one of them has a cracked lens, so I never wear them unless it is an emergency.

The problem is anywhere that I go, I must stop, check them out, and try a few pairs on. Now thankfully I go for the cheaper peepers, I am notorious for losing things, including sunglasses. I will blog again at the end of summer with the official count. Stay Tuned!