As I write this I am absolutely numb, I know this may sound odd to feel so empty over the loss of someone who is not a family member or a friend, but in ways has been and always will be a huge part of me through his music.

I have been a fan of Prince since I was in High School, and felt an instant connection with him. I have always leaned towards R&B and he of all people instantly stuck out to me. I remember listening to his first album knowing he had played every instrument and those high notes he hit so effortlessly.....what?

Every album he put out in succession seemed to get better and better and then of course the holy grail of "Purple Rain", where now everyone knew who he was and some of his music. I am the type of fan that likes his more eclectic stuff, not that I don't love every song on Purple  Rain or some of his radio friendly songs, I do, but some of his really strange ones are my favorite.

Prince to me was like Peter Pan, he never aged and as of recently he seemed to be more o.k. with being famous. He was active on Twitter and was playing a ton of shows at Paisley Park to celebrate his fans. He lived his entire life shrouded in secrecy and he loved it. He loved being mysterious and keeping people guessing.

All of us will have our own memories that a song or two will bring back, but luckily for me I have dozens from him that will always make me smile. Thank you Prince for being an inspiration to so many other artists, for breaking that mold and maybe even giving that kid who feels like an outsider the idea that being different is not a bad thing. And who knows one day you may grow up to be one of the greatest performers of all time.