Fitgers Ales and Lagers have been a long standing tradition here in the Twin Ports and the Northland, and I was lucky enough to take a peek behind the scenes, and now you can too.

Head Brewer Frank Kaszuba from the Fitgers Brewhouse was nice enough to let us stop in on the morning brewing session to prepare a batch of delicious Fitgers Beer. What is pretty cool for the average patron is you can actually see into this part of the brewery through big windows located right next door at The Brewhouse Restaurant and Bar.

It is quite the process to make this beer and the Fitgers Brewhouse still does many of these steps by hand, just like they have done for decades. This hardworking crew of 8 will put out more than 3,000 barrels of their award winning ales and lagers over the course of the year, with over 100 different recipes.  Don't forget to stop by the Brewhouse Store and pick up a growler to go!