Jesse Ventura is no stranger to causing some controversy and for speaking his mind. In a new commercial he and his wife Terry who have been married for 37 years have thrown their support behind saying "No" to the Minnesota Marriage Amendment on the ballot this November.

Whatever your political leanings or views may be, this is a hot topic around many dinner tables and work break rooms. As with anything, knowledge is power, and so before you start jumping to conclusions about certain topics it is good to get your facts straight.

I for one applaud the Ventura's for making such a bold statement and throwing out their opinion on the matter. As with any amendments or laws, instead of going with what you think is the popular answer to choose, look into yourself and ask how this will affect you personally. If you truly feel that something is a threat to you or your loved ones, then you must try to protect yourself.

In the end that is what makes this country great, we all have the right to the freedom of speech and the right to express our opinions whether they may be perceived as popular or not.