I have seen the movie Jurassic Park at least 9x, but never in a theater, until now, and it did not disappoint.

The minute I heard that this movie was coming back out I knew I had to check it out and with it in 3-D..... Bonus! I can count on both hands how many movies I wish that I had seen in a theater, and this is one of them, so when the opportunity arises you have to to do it.

We decided to bring the kids, yeah a million dollars later after the concession stand, but it was worth it. I honestly thought I just might get sick with it being in 3-D since I have major motion sickness, but I held strong and it really was not bad at all.

I felt like I was right in the middle of the action, and with the scenes with the dinosaurs it was out of this world....literally. I was surprised to see some people with really small kids because it was pretty scary on the big screen, especially the kitchen scene. If you are a fan of the movie pack up the family and get to the theater, grab your 3-D glasses and be prepared to get as close to a dinosaur as you will ever get!