Oh, Peter Griffin. The patriarch of 'Family Guy' doesn't always use his best judgment and he certainly didn't do so on this past weekend's (Nov. 25) episode, where he beat Justin Bieber to a pulp.

Beating up Bieber isn't a new or novel concept, courtesy of writer and creator Seth MacFarlane. Actually, the Biebs even proved that himself on his Complex cover. But Peter Griffin went absolutely insane and pummeled the Biebs' pretty face in 'Lois Comes Out of Her Shell.' He was fighting for what's his -- his hapless wife Lois.

So what set PG off? Well, Lois has a bit of a midlife crisis, engaging in behavior fitting someone half her age. Her antics worry the family, as she dresses like a teenager and goes to see a Bieber concert.

She ends up backstage in an embrace with the Biebs when her hubby walks in and assumes the worst -- that they are having an affair. Gasp! The Biebs and an older woman? At least that's what Griffin thinks.

That's when Peter's emotions takes over. The Biebs tries to talk his way out of this mess, telling Peter that nothing happened and to "relax, old man," and that's when he is the recipient of three vicious punches to the face and gets laid out, ending up with purple bruises and a bloody nose. He even snarls, "Old man? You think you're not going to get old?" to the teen. He also calls him a little "b------" and refers to him as an "acorn penis beauty."

This beating should cause massive boycotts of the show by Beliebers.