There’s something to be said for admitting and being aware of your flaws, and that’s exactly what Justin Bieber is. In a chat with Sweden’s TV4, the world’s most famous teen admitted that he makes mistakes and chalks it up to growing up and part of the learning process. Smart kid, huh? Either that or he is media trained incredibly well.

In his chat, the self-aware and assured Biebs said, “There’s a lot of people who look up to me and I’m not always going to be perfect. But at the end of the day, I’m 18 and sometimes you gotta make bad decisions to learn from them.” It’s a smart thing for him to realize. He knows people consider him a role model, but that doesn’t make him flawless or responsible for others, especially if he messes up in the spotlight.

He continued, “I’m not perfect. I make bad decisions sometimes.”

We all make decisions that we either regret or look back upon as not so wise. The Biebs is still a young man who has a lot to learn and it’s refreshing that he understands his position as a role model and his limitations as a human being.

His father Jeremy is with him during the interview — the camera pans to him on the bed, smiling — and that’s when the Biebs says family means everything to him. He beams about taking his baby brother and sister to Disney World for the first time, something he himself didn’t get to do as an underprivileged kid.

Watch Justin Bieber’s TV4 Interview in Sweden