Is there a pillow OR a shoulder big enough to cry on for Justin Bieber? Selena is not approving of the company that Justin has been currently keeping. I'm sure it tears at your heartstrings to see a 17 year old crying, but when your hanging around Hip-Hop superstars like, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown does the saying "Bro's before Ho's" hold any water?

Selena has suggested that the two take a break from each other, as Bieber has been hanging out with older rapper artists, who have a checkered past with the law. Justin attended Selena’s concert with one of these pals, Sean Kingston, and the former Disney star doesn’t want him to crash her gigs anymore.It was after the concert in Florida that Selena allegedly “ended their relationship,” according to Digital Spy. Sean Kingston, who was jailed at the age of 11 for breaking and entering, is not someone Selena wants Bieber hanging out with. The same goes for Lil Wayne, who is another pal that Justin likes to spend time with.

via Justin Bieber reduced to tears as Selena Gomez wants a break.