Justin Bieber shared a shirtless photo of himself via his Instagram account and he is taut, toned and in shape. Is this our little teen sensation The Biebs? Why yes, it is!

The Biebs is certainly hitting the gym on his days off, that’s for sure. You don’t get those rock hard, washboard abs without breaking a sweat and engaging in some serious exercise. No pain, no gain, right?

In the shot, The Biebs is standing in front of a body of water, with his side-swooped bangs and an innocent smile. He’s also all bathed and awash in natural sunlight, with the calm, blue water as his backdrop. No wonder all hormonal, pre-teen and teen girls love him so unconditionally. He’s cute, has a great body and sings so sweetly. He’s a bring-him-home-to-mom type of boy.

Oh, and speaking of moms, they can relax. There is absolutely nothing inappropriate about this photo. It’s not lewd or crude. It’s just a shirtless teen boy on a beach, looking fine.

The Biebs is on the cusp of manhood — with his 18th birthday approaching (March 1) — and this beachy photo is proof of this undeniable fact.