Beliebers, are you ready to squeal with pulse-racing joy? Your hero Justin Bieber has shared a brand new, drool-inducing shirtless photo of himself during dance rehearsal.

We already saw a pic of the 'Boyfriend' singer flexing his muscles last week. Now, we get to admire his six-pack abs and washboard tummy. Thank the Lord that The Biebs is so generous on Twitter and Instagram, since the fans get to reap the rewards and absorb photos of him in all his shirtless, chest-exposed glory.

But whoa! Who knew that The Biebs was so ripped? He does get plenty of exercise dancing his patoot off every night on the Believer tour, but you could bounce quarters off that belly. He clearly spends a healthy amount of his free time in the gym when he is off the stage, working on his abdominal muscles. It reminds us of when Britney Spears was super ripped and rumored to do 1000 sit-ups a day to keep her stomach flat and taut. It wouldn't shock us if Biebs employed a similar regimen.

He captioned the photo with " Me and @nickdemoura dance rehearsal get ready #watchout."

Uh, watch out is right! The Biebs is quite in shape. Looking good kid! Whatever you're doing, don't stop, since it's working times 10.

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