Justin Bieber made beliebers out of some skeptics this week. The ‘Never Say Never’ singer delivered an impressive freestyle on New York’s Hot 97 hip-hop station.

Backed by nothing but a beat, the Biebs came out with a braggadocio flow. “Fast like Gordon / and my jams like Jordan / and my Timbz like Hortons / and my jets all are boarding,” Bieber rapped. A Tim Hortons reference?! Bieber’s creativity surprised even his fellow hip-hop heads in the room.

Knowing that most hip-hop fans didn’t expect much from him, Bieber took a swipe at his haters. “Like this, mic this, so I can recite this / People in their basements say I didn’t even write this.” Bieber even combines his gastronomic and godly know-how in one line: “Cheese like gouda / and my soul like Buddha.”

Not only does Bieber have a timeless flow, but he also cites timeless movies — from before he was born! “And I don’t need Luda to know that I’m the ruler / And I’m so much cooler you should call me Ferris Bueller.

We just wonder how girlfriend Selena Gomez feels about one line in particular: “Number one hits / I got number one flicks / And the number one kicks / And the number one chicks.” Why is that plural, Biebs?!

Hot 97 DJ Rosenberg was taken aback at Bieber’s talent. “I’m gonna give credit where credit is due,” Rosenberg said. “A Tim Hortons reference, a Ferris Bueller reference — New York salutes you.”

Watch Justin Bieber Freestyle on Hot 97