Well it looks like Biebs is heading for a downward spiral with talks about his follow up to his debut album My World. Apparently Bieber will be working with Will.I.Am for the next album set to be unveiled next year, so if the voice of a 17 year old teenager wasn't enough for you, get ready for Will.I.Am to Auto Tune the Hell out of it.......FAIL?

The Black Eyed Peas rapper has apparently been approached to produce a number of tracks for the teen singer's second studio album, with talks of a possible collaboration also taking place.

"There has been talk for him to do some things with Justin, now that the Black Eyed Peas are taking a brief hiatus," a source told Hollywood Life.

"Will has plenty of time to help out on working with Justin. They have certainly had discussions."


The source added: "But what I have also heard is Justin is taking his time with his next album, going through plenty of producers and collaborators to make sure everything is just right."

Source: DigitalSpy