The hunt continues to fill seats at the judges table for American Idol. Even through it looks like 'Idol' has landed Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, there is still at least one spot to fill before the executives at FOX can move forward with the upcoming season.

Rumors have been focusing heavily on a country influence like Brad Paisley or Keith Urban, which would make perfect sense. Many standouts from the show have gone on to have successful careers in the country music genre, so having a judge of that persuasion gels perfectly with that storyline.

While neither of the country prospects (or others like Enrique Iglesias) have landed a spot, news surfaced today that Kanye West was approached by FOX to grab a seat along with Minaj and Carey. The report from TMZ says Kanye is interested in the gig, but is unsure for a couple reasons. It is reported that he isn't sure if the show is a good fit for him, and there is the whole money factor that may be prohibitive as well.

Although West may be out of reach financially, he would serve as a knowledgeable addition to the judges table. His career started primarily behind the scenes in the world of producing music, with a growth into the worldwide star he is today. The diverse experience may serve the show well. If nothing else, it would bring back the role of a hated judge, as Kanye is very well known for being a d-bag on many occasions.