For every generation, there will most likely be something that we as parents can blame for the decline in school performance.  My generation can blame the video game boom.  (It all started with my Atari...)  The generation before me, probably disco.

Kids today have Facebook.  Let me be honest, if I had Facebook as a kid, I'm sure it would have happened to me too.  I agree that Facebook can also have it's positives on kids as well.


Research has found that students in middle school, high school and college who checked Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period got lower grades. Other studies have discovered that teens who use Facebook tend to have more narcissistic tendencies, while young adults who are active on the site display other psychological disorders. And daily use of media and technology — what teen doesn't use tech each day? — makes kids more prone to anxiety and depression.

Wow.  That's a lot to take in.  How about those positives?  Again, from the same article:

While Facebook and other technology has been blamed for hijacking childhood, they also help children develop their identities and hone their ability to empathize with others. In a study that Rosen recently wrapped up, he found that the kids most able to show “virtual empathy” — through supportive comments online — were those who spent more time online than other children. “We are finding that kids who are able to express more virtual empathy are able to expres more real-world empathy,” says Rosen. “They feel more supported socially by online and offline networks.”

The key as a parent is to regulate our kids' time on-line.  And hopefully we'll do a better job doing that for our kids than we do for ourselves!  (GUILTY!)
Do you have a child on Facebook?  Do you monitor or regulate his or her "tech time?"  Does it work?