We're now exactly 10 days out from the release of Kanye West's highly anticipated seventh album. In the past week or so, that has meant that we're 10 days out from Waves, the latest in a string of titles proposed by the superstar rapper and producer from Chicago. (The latest change led to a spat between West and Wiz Khalifa over whether anyone other than the incarcerated Max B could rightfully lay claim to the term.) But today (Feb. 1), Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, posted a poll on Twitter that has fans curious as to whether another change might be afoot.

"WAIT," she typed to her near-40 million followers, "new poll. Which album title do you like best?" The choices are presented in the following order: Swish, Waves and So Help Me God. Each of those has at one point been the stated title for West's record; So Help Me God was first announced when West had released "Only One" and "All Day" and had teased "Wolves"; it was amended to Swish later in 2015, and Waves last month.

At press time, the poll had been voted on nearly 40,000 times, with staggeringly close results. So Help Me God currently leads the pack with 35 percent, while Swish and Waves trail at 33 and 32 percent, respectively. Whatever the album ends up being called, it's expected to feature a bevy of heavy hitters, including Andre 3000, Earl Sweatshirt, Swizz Beatz and others. No word yet on whether Good Ass Job will make its way into the mix.

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