The song by Kim was indeed released back in March, but if you search further through this post, you will discover a minute long music video to go with this train wreck.

Kim, thanks a pant load for not only ruining 3 minutes and 7 seconds of my life by listening to your single, but also by the minute long video that I stumbled upon this afternoon.

I am a DJ, and if you told me to turn it up, I would hit you with my turntable!

You should just stick to looking pretty, but then again sometimes you cant even do that right, nice butt BTW ;)

p.s. When is the last time she ever paid her bills?



Click the link to enter 1 minute of hell...

We commented on how bad Kim Kardashian's first single was when she debuted "Jam (Turn It Up)" in March. The auto-tuned musical trainwreck was was supposed to have an accompanying music video, but it was never released. After watching the minute-long snippet of the video that materialized online today, you'll understand why.

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